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It's very simple: ABREVE® translates into higher quality, faster deployment to market and lower costs. Call 800.688.7205 (978.409.6112) today and ask about ABREVE. We'll show you how you can do more with less.
  ABREVE Content Globalization  
  ABREVE is an innovative content globalization solution that:
  • Reduces source text volume
  • Dramatically lowers localization cost
  • Greatly improves consistency and raises content usability
  • Streamlines the multilingual content delivery process
  ABREVE is a source-to-source process that works with the original content, combining globalized writing, editing and content structuring techniques with state-of-the-art Translation Memory (TM) tools. The result is maximum usability for your content and much lower localization cost. Whether you are localizing into 3 or 30 languages – or even if you're not localizing at all yet – globalization through ABREVE is far more lucrative and efficient than you may have thought possible.



  Products need documentation and other kinds of content. That's a given. But making that content multilingual is expensive and time-consuming. Pressuring localization providers and relying on translation memory tools seems likes an obvious solution, but that approach is fraught with quality risks, and, in the end, pricing can only go so low.
  Consider, too, that most content is rarely read. But cutting out information or cutting corners on content development could lead to big problems, and localizing flawed content just magnifies those problems.
  All these pitfalls create frustrations. To remove them, you have to go to the source-the source content-with an approach called ABREVE.



  ABREVE returns the globalization emphasis to where it belongs: the source content itself. Using a unique process, our ArchiText® English Source Group analyzes, restructures and rewrites your content, focusing on text volume reduction, well before the content is ever localized. Specifically, we:
  • Apply ABREVE volume-cutting techniques
  • Standardize terminology and writing style
  • Restructure layout and formatting to accommodate localization-related requirements and maximize the efficiency of high-production-value items (like screenshots)
  • Revise content for maximum usability and minimum text volume
  • Generate localization-ready content and TM (Translation Memory) metrics
  • Maintain the ABREVE source-to-source database for future versions/releases
  • Work with your reviewers and SMEs to approve all final content
  In most projects, the cost of ABREVE is completely covered by the savings in localization cost. In fact, depending on the number of target languages, your return on investment in ABREVE can be as high as 400%. That means, for every $1 spent on ABREVE, you will save up to $4!  



  ArchiText® offers ABREVE globalization on any current or legacy content in English, whether or not you select ArchiText as your localization provider. However, if we perform ABREVE on your content, we can provide extremely competitive localization pricing, and you will relax, assured that the same quality focus will continue right through to the localized product.  
  The benefit of ABREVE is that the difficult work is completed in the beginning. But the ABREVE process also
  • Focuses on editing instead of authoring and therefore does not lengthen the content development schedule
  • Addresses common usability problems for all audiences, so it contributes to product acceptance worldwide
  • Anticipates TM software features (like leveraging) and maximizes their financial and scheduling benefits
  • Virtually eliminates localization problems