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We invite you to read the latest article by Hans Fenstermacher, published in the May 2007 issue of Intercom magazine. This article, "Closing the Content Gap: Converging Authoring and Translation," focuses on how authors and translators need to align their efforts more closely to serve their joint end-customers better
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  Globalization Services with ABREVE  

The term "internationalization" describes the process of making products, particularly software, ready for entry into every market in the world. But your customers need more than an internationalized code and user interface; they need the best user experience possible with your product.

Under the name ABREVE®, ArchiText has developed a suite of globalization services that does for content what internationalization does for software: make it leaner, smoother and less costly to localize. Even if you don't localize right now, content globalization represents a huge opportunity to improve your product's usability and prepare it for better versioning. ABREVE globalization means removing the obstacles between your product and your customers, wherever they are.