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We invite you to read the latest article by Hans Fenstermacher, published in the May 2007 issue of Intercom magazine. This article, "Closing the Content Gap: Converging Authoring and Translation," focuses on how authors and translators need to align their efforts more closely to serve their joint end-customers better
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Hans Fenstermacher founded ArchiText® in 1994 after a successful 15-year career in technical communication and translation, including experience with some of today's industry leaders. Hans started a different kind of company because he realized that localizers were really in the same business as their clients: building good communications with customers all over the world. Since then, ArchiText has grown into a well-established provider of localization and multilingual services to Fortune 2000 companies.
ArchiText provides a complete range of multilingual services backed by an experienced management team. Our strong focus on communication will help you connect your products with your customers around the globe.
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Global communication takes seconds, and the world seems smaller. Yet linguistic, cultural and technological gaps persist. Look to ArchiText to restore the connection to your global customers. We bring people and technology together to provide globalization, localization and multilingual content solutions in… Any Language. Any Market. Any Technology.